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LOT Polish Airlines Flight Delayed or Cancelled? Get Compensation Up to €600!

June 11, 2024 | by

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Getting compensation – How does it work?

Uncooperative Airlines usually does not respond well when their regular customer demands monetary compensation. Therefore, using the help of our experts is the first step to get what you rightfully deserve, in a very short timeframe as well.

To do so, you have to provide us with some specific information, enter your flight details in our online form, and from there, our legal experts will calculate and tell you exactly how much compensation you are entitled to.

The next step is ours to complete, you can just relax and take a break. We will complete the process of building your case from the start to the end. This usually consists of sending as many complaints as needed to the administrative bodies and our legal team also responds quite well when it comes to filing the court case against the airlines.

When the Airline sends the final confirmation and compensation gets successfully claimed, we will notify you immediately. After that, you will receive the rightfully owed money in your account. Usually, passengers are entitled to up to €600 for every passenger on their booking list. This amount may vary from case to case, but Aero Refund experts will calculate the exact amount for you.